Saturday, February 4, 2012

Play Time

We have had lots of fun play time around here lately.
I have been trying so hard to get some quality playtime in with Ella during all of Everette's naps.
We enjoy babies, walks, dirt, play dough, crafts, school, and water play

Playtime with....colors, ella can sort all of her colors now during "school time"

 Play time with.... Papa, he wanted a ride on her (30 pound weight limit) car she got for christmas

 Playtime with water.....ella use to play in an old Tupperware bucket but today her Papa took her to toys R Us and they came home with............

 A water table. You are suppose to stand at it but while I had my back turned she hopped right in, butt naked. Good thing she is so little. 

Play time with her cars has been a favorite lately

 Everette has play time too

The new favorite of the week has been sitting at the waters edge (5 times a day) and digging things out of this old tire and chucking them in the lake. she gets covered in mud, has ruined every pair of pants and im pretty sure this is how she got so sick this week.

Play time at Target is always a hit as well . It is one of my favorite things to chase her around target while she carries as many purses as possible. 

Mom's playtime......
who wouldn't want to play with this little chubby one ?????


  1. Your girls are the cutest! Have I mentioned that I am obsessed with what you named your baby? Ever? So adorable and uniique! And I love that water table. Must get it.

  2. Love those girls! We want some playtime with you this week! Let's make it happen!

  3. AAWEE! I can't wait to hold that little one in a couple weeks!