Saturday, February 25, 2012

This is me.....The baby that is
( yes i have brown sisters and they are beautiful )
 This is my baby

Do we look anything alike??

Everyone keeps saying she looks like her daddy and Ella looks nothing like me so it would be fun to have one baby with some similarities! All I have in common with Ella is we are both female.

Ella, same age as Ever


  1. Yes you look a like, but she does have a little of her daddy in her.

  2. oh yes, i think she looks a ton like you. such a sweetie. she's so smiley.

  3. I think she looks so much like you! I was just telling Tyler that. I thought it even before I saw the baby pictures. Beautiful girls!!!

  4. Ever is the mirror image of you! I would know! Ella is such a great mix of you and James but Ever... she is all YOU! Where did you get this pic of us? I haven't seen it in ages!