Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Man Crush

I'm not sure how the picture above got uploaded?????? 
But my man crush is totally the picture below!
Mr. Clean magic eraser is AMAZINGGGG.
If you haven't used it before give it a try, on your walls, tub, around your sinks, pretty much anywhere. It really has some kind of magic potion in it I think.
I got Ella a new table just her size for $20 at Ikea. It is so cheap because it is unfinished wood. I will paint and refinish it one day and maybe turn it into a Lego table, but for now it is just for the girls to work at.

She decided on day two of ownership to color and decorate the table her own way

 And my man crush was there to save the day. I didn't think it would work on unfinished wood but he pulled through like he always does.
So before the table we would do art almost every day at the dinner table. I would ask her if she wanted to color or paint and she would usually say yes.

I have LOVED having the little table so she can choose any time during the day when she wants to draw

She is sitting there 5-6 times a day to be creative

I just leave things out so when she gets up in the morning or from nap there is something new to do. I toss my junk mail on the table and she loves to write in little letters all over the bill forms. Play dough, stickers, painting, markers, legos, puff balls, toothpicks and marshmallows...

I feel like it is so much better to have these things accessible to her any time she wants so she has more opportunities to be messy and creative during the day

 She has her markers and crayons out most of the day and has never drawn anywhere else in the house but on the table. I cleaned it at first but now I just leave it....too much work. I will just need to paint over it when the girls are a little less curious.

I'm taking my computer in to be fixed this week...
These images keep popping up everywhere?????

My real life man crush
(Trying to study with two little ladies)


  1. Mmmmm... I'm so happy those pics accidentely got uploaded. Yummy. Also, you told me about those magic erasers and I LOVE them, use them for everythingm so thank you.
    One more thing... remember the days when we used to hang out EVERY DAY and we were like the best of friends? and now that never happens. It's such a shame. For reals.

  2. Love seeing James holding his little girls. It makes a man proud.

  3. Love seeing James holding his little girls. It makes a man proud.

  4. Awesome. First, off yes Magic erase really are magic. Second, I love the little activities you have out. I will have to start doing that with Lydia. You should give me a list of a few things you do. Also, do you find that your carpet get dirty just letting her play with play dough and paint there?