Monday, January 23, 2012

Good idea / Bad idea

So actually more like a bunch of bad ideas with a couple good ideas :)

BAD IDEA.......
Found a face mask online and decided it would be fun to try while my little sis was here visiting. 
James and I love doing Biore nose strips every so often. He loves seeing all the crap he can pull off his nose. 
here we are in 2007 pulling crap off our nose while dating :)

So we got the stuff: plain gelitin and milk 
Then microwaved it up and smeared it on our face.
James was totally down and loved every second of it but i promised i would post any pictures of him participating in this girls night event.

So here is where the BAD IDEA comes in. Pulling this stuff off was a nightmare. I think I may have cried...a little. It hurt so bad and pulled like three layers of skin off along with every single hair I had on my face. At one point I looked at kaila and said in a very concerned voice...."I think my eyebrow just came off" 

I gave Ella my camera for about 5 minutes to keep her quiet.
This resulted in about 76 picture upload that look like this.

Taking family pictures 5 min before heading to the airport with a two year old and a new born.

going to the beach in January. Yep still living in Florida....80 degrees.
I don't know why iIdon't take Ella there more often we live 15 minutes away and she has a blast every time.
oh ya I remember....
beach umbrella
baby car seat
diaper bag
ice chest
two year old
shovels and pail
change of clothes
sunscreen mixed with sand

ok so I guess this is also a BAD IDEA

letting Ella fall in love at such a young age with such a handsome and polite little boy.
He sacrificed his time at the park to push (with all his strength) my child around the whole park for the afternoon

A picture printer and scanner. Love it !!! thanks James for the awesome Christmas gift.

Letting ella participate in dinner prep. I love cooking with Ella but sometimes it's so much work.


  1. Maybe I should try that face mask. It will take off my sun spots and my moustache at the same time? I'm all about that.

  2. Wish I could have been there with you and K!

  3. I'm with Britt... I might just try that mask! And who are we to deny their young love? It really may become a problem though... mckay cried when their picture on his dresser fell down!