Monday, January 16, 2012

A Few on Two

I have a few thoughts on raising two children instead of one that I would like to jot down. Maybe i'll read over this again before I decide to have a third!

Buying diapers for two is way worse then one! $63

Sickness among two spreads like wildfire

When your nursing one, number two gets into lots of trouble

When one is peacefully sleeping.....

Number two comes in for the kill.....
When there are two, potty training gets no where.

Laundry increases by %127 when there are two

One of your children will have to learn to play on their own for the first time in their life.

Being a Father of two means your hair gets brushed during video game time and you learn to like it.

Just because baby #1 is a difficult newborn....
(Ella 1 month)

doesn't mean baby #2 will be!
(Ever 1 month)

And when things gets real rough and noisy in the house and you question why you had two under the age of two....

Swaddle them both and lock yourself in the bathroom

I will leave you with a little musical number from our recent car ride to the store!

Life has been a little crazy over here lately but I wouldn't change a thing! I love my two little buddies and one day when I have four little buddies I'll look back on this time and think it was a piece of cake raising two!


  1. piece of cake raising two? Ya right. You are an awesome mom. Love your blog. Daddy.

  2. You gotta space 'em by 6 years! It's WAY easier! ;)

  3. Ha ha can't say that i am looking forward that all that craziness. Even though I do have to say that Lydia keeps me pretty busy on her own. I can't imagine what 2 will do.

    Ps. We are trying the method of no more diapers period for potty training, so we have a few size fives that you can have. I know Ella is not that big but you are welcome to them.

  4. LOL. I love the video at the end! I showed Richard how his x-box time is going to change...I'm certain the look he gave me translates into "I can't wait!!" ;)

  5. But you make it look so easy! One day I will be calling you crying cause I will be at my wits end with children. I love seeing you with your two beauties! They are lucky to have you! Meggy :)