Friday, August 5, 2011

when it pours we get wet

Florida rain is like no other rain I have seen. It rains most of the summer in small spurts during the day. It comes on sooo fast and never just sprinkles. It dumps out of the sky by the bucket loads. You are soaked within one minute. You can enter the grocery store leaving a sunny day behind and walk out minutes later to torrential down pour.

The other day I wanted to go check out an Old Navy sale by my house. I packed up the diaper bag and ella and I walked out the front door not having even glanced outside. (FYI: Once you say Bye bye in our house there is no turning back on your word) The little turd got away from me so fast and I didn't do a thing to stop her. She was drenched in seconds.
I planned on going back in the house because I could literally wring out her clothes.
But in typical Florida fashion the sun came back out after ten minutes.
So we just went anyway....all wet. But of course we had to stop at the mail box first with whatever resembled a purse at the moment.
I plopped a cute hat on her soaking wet head when he arrived at the store so I wouldn't get the "parent neglect" stares I get sometimes.

Here is yesterday when I actually knew it was raining and was prepared for it.
(we made a band in the kitchen with the bowls minutes before hence the spatula)
Long video that only our moms might enjoy ????
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