Friday, August 12, 2011

Turtles, socks and coats

Living in Florida allows you and your home to be exposed to all sorts of reptiles and amphibians. I was so excited to live ten feet from a pond so ella could discover lizards, frogs, ducks and turtles everyday.
What I wasn't expecting was that she would be discovering them in our living room. Lizards are the worst because they run in so fast and then camouflage themselves around the house. I thought I had seen it all when i glanced over by Ella's pool toys near the front door and noticed a little green something????
Luckily it was a very strategically placed "TOY" turtle she had been playing with. I was relieved until I found it floating in the toilet hours later.
Randomly found this small pile of pink socks shoved behind the TV the other day?
Pretty sure they were a direct result of her frantic summer cleaning project happening on the same day the socks were discovered. She must be nesting already??
Another great thing about South Florida is you never need a coat....or socks or pants. So Ella has probably only put a coat on a few times in her whole life. She wasn't dressed the other day when we went to get the mail. It was raining so i wanted her to have a hood on. When the coat was placed on her body for the first time she kinda went into shock and didn't know how to react.
Checked out a few new kids CDs at the library the other day for Ella. We dance and sing and play babies in her room for an hour every night before bed. Sometimes I sneak out to do the dinner dishes or switch the laundry or take a breather from dancing my pants off. While out the other night I caught her dancing to her new CD.
Ella has many crazy dance moves that her daddy has taught her, but tonight was different. She had never ever heard the songs before but was listening to each and every word and trying to do what was being said. I was quit entertained and impressed with her attention to detail.
No one has taught her the leg lift so I'm not sure where she is picking that up. ????
Please excuse the mess in her room....we were really into dolls that night.

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  1. Ella is awesome. She is very impressive with her language skills and dance moves. Wow, what a girl. Give her a squeeze from Gramps. RR