Saturday, April 2, 2011

Missing you car keys? Check the box
Can't find the TV remote? Check the box
Missing your left flipflop? Check the box
Cell phone? Check the box
Can't locate 47 of the 60 Alphabet Refrigerator magnets? Check the box

Our house has been so nice and tidy these past few days due to the new installment of the Huggies Box. Ella wanders around the house picking things up that are "out of place" and putting them in one convenient location. James said to me the other day......"have you seen one of my flip-flops?" my simple reply was "Check the box!"

She has loved taking thing from one spot of the house and placing them in another spot. Usually behind cupboard doors and such. So i attempted to downsize the operation. She seems to be pleased!


  1. Like MOther like daughter! This reminds me of that full house episode when Danny gives Michelle her very own vacuum. Instead of a vac. you give her a box to put things away. Adorable! Hopefully she is feeling better and not so yucky!

  2. I can't believe she puts the lid back on every time! Such coordination! Very cute.