Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Water water water

Ella loves the water and getting messy. I can't keep her out of it. James and I try to let her learn a lot through play during the day. My idea of this it letting her feel textures in her food, paint, play in water and dig in the dirt. James just lets her walk straight into the pond and now I spend most of my day casing her out of the tad- pool filled pond that super cool Dad lets her play in. She often prances through the door after walks, butt naked and Dad is holding her drenched clothes.
A typical hot Florida afternoon consists of water play on the porch. Gotta make good use of the old baby tubby! I never ever intend her getting in the tub.....but she does every single time.

You gotta love the saggy diapers at the end of play time

Occasionally I am able to quickly slip her into her swimsuit!

"Play can miniaturize a part of the complex world children experience, reduce it to understandable dimensions, manipulate it, and help them understand how it works."

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  1. What an adorable water baby! She sure loves to play and have fun.