Thursday, March 17, 2011

Island Getaway

James woke up the other day and decided we should take a little road trip to Sanibel Island. So we packed up and hopped in the car. We made it there and after checking into our hotel we headed to the beach. Sanibel is a small island with white beaches and millions of shells all over the shore. We live right by the beach but it's just a more relaxing feel to be on an island and see a different part of Florida. There are tons of little shops and restaurants and my favorite part was driving by the hugest most amazing homes I have ever seen. Ella loves the beach so much and James and I love seeing her so happy. We even saw dolphins swimming in the ocean. It was a great trip and now we are back to reality. Watch the little video if you want to see our trip!
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If you want to watch it full on the four little arrows in the bottom right corner and pause it for a minute to upload.

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  1. My best friend has a place in Sanibel, and that place is adorable! LOVE IT!! So glad you took the trip, I didn't realize you lived so close!