Saturday, January 1, 2011

11 Months Old

Ella turned 11 months!

We love her to pieces
She is so silly and has learned some sigh language this month! She signs: All Done, more, sleep and eat. She says mom, dad and Hi. She can clap and knows the actions to wheels on the bus and patty cake. She walks all along the furniture and stands alone but is very cautious!
Never ever sits still.....I change her clothes and diapers with her standing up. She will only sit still for story time everyday.
we love her big personality. Her favorite toys at the moment are: Cell phones, controllers, BOOKS, puppets and anything she can play with in the tubby
All day everyday she wants to be outside. Luckily we live in a place where you can be outside ALL year long. I leave the door open to the porch all day so she can be outside, soakin in the rays!
She loves: Apple slices, grapes, ham, cheese, toast, oatmeal,and avocado and tomatoes. Pretty much everything we stick in her mouth except for baby food. Still NO bottles for this little one. She drinks from a sippy cup like a pro and I still nurse the little stink twice a day. We (I mean I) will be weaning her by a year and then our little cuddle time will come to an end.
Teeth number 7, 8 and 9 are breaking through the skin!
Weighing in at about 18 pounds and 30 inches. So tall and so skinny. Hair growing in awkwardly long and stringy in the front. Almost like a Mohawk?? Its really blonde and I see a shimmer of red when we are outside in the sun.
Loves sneakin around the house all day and loves getting dirty!
This is what I typically wipe off of her hands and face after an afternoon on the porch and climbing up and down the
neighbors stairs and trying so hard to leap into the pond and touch the ducks and turtles and occasionally some dog poop!


  1. Loved every picture. That little girl sure knows how to ham it up for the camera. It looks like she has so much fun every day. Wish I lived a little closer so I could pop in on Ella bean anytime I wanted. That would be amazing.

  2. Jadyn wouldn't walk until we gave her something in her hands and she felt like she was holding onto something. It was so funny the first time I told her to take a book to Jake and she stood right up with it clenched and walked. She is a funny girl that Ella! We love the pics!