Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas in California

Christmas was GREAT this year!
We went to California to visit my family this year. The flight was long but Ella did great. it took a few days adjusting to the three hour time difference. She loved her Aunties and Uncles and all
the attention she got from Grandma and Grandpa.
We made gingerbread houses and played games and ate tons of yummy food!

Ella was so excited to open each present. She would sit and play with each toy after it was unwrapped. I was not expecting her to be so involved in everything. I thought she wouldn't care.

She loved her books

And her toy milk truck

My sisters and I found my mom's old nightgowns from twenty years ago and decided to wear them on Christmas morning. So please don't judge my out fit in the next few pictures. It's vintage!!!

James got Ella and I matching ID bracelets with "Ella James" engraved on them. I loved mine so much. Ella was thrilled to wear jewelry!

James made me the sweetest home made card also

My mom loved her calender with pictures of ella on every month

My sister and brother in law laughed at the shirts we made them! They said "two star crossed lovers" on them. My sisters was her and her hubby and Joey's was him and the dog.

I surprised James with a collectible toy from one of his favorite artists. We weren't going to do presents for each other this year but i had to spoil him for working so hard in school. He is so fun to buy for.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. We flew back a few days after Christmas so we could all settled in before James starts another 30 credit semester of medical school. The flight back was LONG. Ella slept 16 1/3 hours through the night and into the next day when we got home. We woke her up around noon the next day. She was quit sleep deprived over the busy week I guess. It's the most sleep James and I have gotten sense she was born. It was her Christmas present to us.

Thanks mom and dad for all of the amazing memories, food and thoughtful gifts. We always have soooo much fun. Thanks James for making us all pee our pants every night from laughter!


  1. I love that nightgown, if you hadn't have mentioned it I would have asked where it was from! ;)

  2. Yeah, the nightgown was great! Glad you guys got to spend Christmas with family, sounds like you had a blast!

  3. We won't mention that one of those house dresses is 36 years old. And the others at least 22. They are right back up on the hook in my bathroom. So next time you come you are welcomed to wear them again. Now I know why I kept them all these years. Such a kick to see the 4 of you,and Steve,in them. The Christmas pictures are all great. It does look like we had a lot of fun,doesn't it. It was a great Christmas,and I am so glad you all came. And glad Ella was a good girl on the plane. Next time Myah and I will fly out to see you. Maybe in a few months.