Friday, September 28, 2012

It went a little something like this.......

I sat down at the computer with way more calories then my body needed.
I started reading blogs, checking email, bank account and of course Pinterest.
It was all quiet in the house.
I smelled poop
Where was it coming from???
I ignored the smell as I often do.
I rested my check in the palm of my hand as I often do.
The smell of poo became stronger and lingered.

I had poo on my hand and it was now on my face and who really even knows where else??????

 this whole
stained shirts
Cheetos in hair
stickers on back
poop on face
look is getting really old.

But I guess they are worth it right??
Isn't motherhood soooooo exciting
You can just call me POO FACE from now on.
I'm sure some of your children would love to be able to use the word poo in a sentence.


  1. I hope you were thinking of Owen when you wrote that last sentence. You know he would love nothing more than to be able to call someone poo face without getting in trouble for it.
    BTW... this is hilarious. I am sure it's happened to me on more than one occasion.

  2. Oh man when I smell poop it's coming from Molly's room because she's taken off her pants and smeared it all over the carpet. Poop face is better than poop floor! :)