Monday, May 21, 2012

princess shoes

This is what it is like when Ella spots Princess shoes in the toy isle. 
I was totally suckered into getting them after the fit got so loud and she was convulsing over these dumb princess shoes. 
And here they sit. She wears them ALL day long. A different pair for different duties around the house. Glass slippers for cooking dinner, Rapunzel slippers for walks and so on. My Mom has sent most of them and more come each month in the mail. 

The shoes go on walks with us and give her blisters
(the goggles often go on walks with us too)

 They go to the pool with us too
It's not just princess shoes, it's shoes in general..
She will stop any women in the store and get down on her knees and admire their shoes and ask to try them on. We can't even make it one minute in Old Navy without her shoes off and another pair on. 16 pairs were tried on the other day thank goodness I didn't have the baby with us. She even pulls out her old baby shoes and miserably walks around in them all day

 Thank goodness this little one hasn't been corrupted by the "shoes" yet

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  1. I wish so badly that I was one of those random ladies that Ella stops to try on their shoes. Seriously... that would make my day. I LOVE her and I love her princess shoes.