Friday, March 9, 2012

3 Months

Baby Ever is Three months this weekend but I'm taking my computer in to get fixed today and didn't want to leave Grandmas wondering what Everette is looking like at three months.
It was hard :) to capture her in a good mood but I managed...

 Ever is still a dream! She is so smiley all day long. I even catch her cracking up when she is sitting alone in her bouncy seat. She is sleeping from 8-6am nursing and going back down till around 9:30. Napping great all day both girls have been napping 1-4 everyday for the past week and I have been loving it to say the least! I'm so in love with this baby girl and I know she loves me too! 
12 pounds
Ella at almost 3 months old

Ella has been doing great! Eating well but not gaining weight. Sleeping good for naps but has been waking at 6:30 am each morning these days??? Not sure why she always use to sleep till 8:45. Oh well I'm up nursing the baby anyway. She has been sooooo into princesses lately and we have to dance with her all the time. I put Disney music on Pandora and we dance away. She always has to be in a dress up gown and heels too. 

Yes this is her riding on an Old Navy display dog. She rides him every time we go in there.
along with carrying 67 items she has found around the store that she is interested in purchasing!
(here she has found a small ball, a baby purse, a thermos and a very expensive gold bracelet)


  1. I cannot believe Ever is THREE months! Where has the time gone? I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Ella is indeed TWO! The pictures are great, I love that Ever is so stinking cute and happy. Ella is still the same shopaholic beauty!

  2. Such cute little girls Jos!!! I miss you! I need some baby tips from you... I'm getting kinda scared to be at home for the next years!! Hope things are well :)

  3. Haha Love it. Ever is chunkier than Ella, and she is such a good baby.