Monday, January 2, 2012

You're the Lucky Winner!!!!!

You are the lucky winner that gets to sit back and stare at a dozen pictures of my sweet babies. Lucky You!!!
My good friend Suzanna Garrett (WE LOVE YOU) took pictures of Everette when she arrived home from the hospital. Ella jumped in a few and I'm so glad she did because she was in a good mood and even smiled.  Everette....not so good mood. I originally wanted her in just a diaper but she HATES being naked so i stuck her in a onsie. less is more in my opinion. I love simple. 

here are just a few for you to sample........
( I have all 50 to look at every day..... so really i'm the lucky winner)

 I love Ever's eyes so much in this picture :)


  1. LOVE those little ladies so so much! My favorite pics are the ones with the lollipop. So so cute. We miss you guys like crazy!

  2. so adorable. I love the way they turned out. Suzanna did a great job.

  3. Theses pictures are perfection. The girls? Heavenly perfection. I love them so much! Ever looks just like you! And Ella is the perfect mix of everyone :-)