Saturday, December 3, 2011

Last night I finally felt ready for baby girl ......
Time: 11:20 pm

As soon as Ellie went to bed, instead of crawling into bed myself, I worked up the strength to finish the baby bumper....actually start the baby bumper and finish in the same evening. I am so awful on the sewing machine. I had no instructions, just winged it and sat at the sewing machine for hours and came up with a little something simple. It looks horrible up close and may not last for the next baby. But I'm glad I finished cause according to the ultrasound I had yesterday, and according to my waist, she is a chubby girl and ready to come at any moment. I felt such a huge relief come over me last night when I finish it was really my nesting had come to an end.
James said this morning when are you going to let go of that baby and let her be born.

James' Grandpa Merrill made this cradle for baby James and Ella slept in it to.

This one will stay in the living room for a few months (so when I leave the room Ella doesn't sit on the baby or try to do her hair?) and we have one in our room for night time.

Ella gave each of her babies a quick ride in it this morning.
When I bought the fabric for the cradle my Mother-in-Law came ascross some chalkboard fabric. Soooooo I got some and thought it would be fun to make Ella's little buddies a little placemat christmas gift.
Ohhhh how ambitious of me!!!!!!
This ended up being quite a task while preparing for baby and Christmas and James taking Finals. Was this a bad idea??? They turned out pretty crummy as well if you take a closer look but they were fun to make. Lets just say my sewing machine is officially hibernating through the winter and beyond. No projects for me.

FIRST- I made a big one to cover the kitchen table for Ella and Co. to play on
It rolls up nice and small so i like that.

SECOND- I made 8 little ones for gifts and for my own babies to use when out at a restaurant or wherever.
One side is chalkboard and the other is washable material in case a spill happens.

FYI- The chalkboard fabric didn't work as well as I thought it would. Its really hard to write on with regular chalk but our sidewalk chalk seemed to work a lot better.
If I would have tested it out first I probably wouldn't have even made them


  1. they are so cute and handy! thanks for molly's!

  2. They are so cute. Lydia loves hers too. Sorry we opened it up early. :) By the way I think the bumper looks great. I am glad that you finally got it finished.

  3. I can't believe you started and finished all of those projects. You get more done that the average woman!

  4. this is brilliant. i envy your outright unhuman success rate. i tried to make crayon rolls last year. i made that one for ella and im still working on the rest.