Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Early X Mas

We celebrated Christmas a little early while my mom was here to watch Ella.
The two of them hit it off and played great all week!

Ella got some fun new things that she has been obsessed with.
She gets out all the pots and pans and plays kitchen with her new play food. It's a good thing she is getting a play kitchen for her birthday next month!
 She loves her make-up box full of jewelry and chap stick and candies

 We are lucky that through this whole life changing time for Ella with mama and papa in the hospital and new baby sister...She got to stay in her home and keep her routine. It made things much easier.
Thanks so much mom for everything

James even got some gifts from my mom....
A new spear fishing knife and some great Medical school books to help him study for his Board Exams coming up this semester. Lucky him....poor us

Dancing to some Christmas music
Soooo much fun with Gama

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  1. So glad I got to spend so much time with Ella.We had a ball! And it was so fun being able to watch her open presents. Almost as much fun as watching James!

    Thanks guys for letting me take care of all of you for awhile. I Love you all!!!