Sunday, November 13, 2011

Disney World!

We went to Disneyworld a few weeks ago and I have yet to blog about it.
We met our great friends the Dannenbergs there who had been living in Germany for the past few years. We were so happy to see them. We planned on spending the whole weekend but of course James had a huge exam to study for so we were just there for 24 hours:(
Here are the kids playing in the hotel. Ella has been perfecting her "Facebook pose" and here is it's for you all to enjoy.
The weather was so nice most of the day. It started raining (pouring) around 5pm and we just left. We still have three days left on our pass and plan on going before it gets hot again maybe when the baby is about five months old If anyone wants to join us???
Ella wasn't as excited as I thought she would be....still about a year to young maybe?? She was more in a state of shock the whole day. She kept saying "oh cool mom" Her favorite thing about the whole trip might have been the giant lego store in downtown Disney. This made James and I happy because we were both crazy into Legos as kids. I had thousands he had more!
James made a little video on his phone of our 24 hour adventure.

Joslyn's Disney tid bits:

Disney land is defiantly 100% better then Disney world. It has more character and magic to it. This is a huge topic of debate between my husband and I constantly. Him growing up in Florida and me in California. Way more magic....just saying.

Being nine months pregnant in a giant rain poncho is one of the most unattractive fashion statements around

Being nine months pregnant at Disney is not the most brilliant idea

Being nine months pregnant and trying to squeeze into the seats of the rides wasn't working out to well for me.

Having two pregnant moms hanging out at Disney = 456 trips to the potty
And last but not least Disneyland is much better then Disney world....more magic


  1. Loved the video so much! I am glad you guys were able to go and enjoy it. I wish we could have gone with you guys. Being at Disneyland a couple months ago was not the same without my family. Disneyland is so much better, hands down! Glad you were able to survive Disneyworld 9 months prego!!!

  2. I just showed Joe the video... he loved it and loves seeing Ella grow up. He wants to know who sings the song in it and if James would teach him how to make rad videos like he does....