Sunday, November 6, 2011

35 weeks, 21 months and Halloween!!

This is what 35 weeks Pregnant looks like these days.......

This is what 21 months old looks like these days......

She makes lots of messes yet still thinks she old enough to by pass Nursery at church and dive straight into sunbeams????
James had a huge Exam on Halloween so we were excited to get to hang out with him that evening without flash cards in hand.
I made this creepy shirt a few hours before trick or treating
Ella was a good ol' ladybug
And ended up really loving going door to door with her buddies. She would say Halloween at each door but never a thank you.
**When we got home she got naked and sorted through her candy laying on the floor and then threw each piece at the window. I got some classy pictures of this but wouldn't dare post them!
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  1. JOS! You really do look fantastic! Man if I look as half as good as you do now when I decide to get pregnant I will consider it a success! But if I barely shave my legs now... dont bet on it!

    It is obvious that Ella takes after her Aunt when it comes to making messes and leaving. I taught her well :)

  2. You are a gorgeous pregnant girl. Rally, I thoght it at church today.

    Also, Ella is the cutest little ladybug I've ever seen. So cute.