Monday, October 17, 2011

Crafty, craft, crafts

I am a sucker for simple crafts!
I think this comes from my eight years of teaching 5 year old crafts like this one Ella and her buddies made at "Florida friends craft day"
So when my mother-in-law sent me a Halloween package this week I had to share her "simple" craft. When a craft involves little brain power and three resources I am so down. My sewing machine still intimidates me...a lot.
Look how cute and simple these little candy corns are!
yep that's just yarn and styrofoam
She also made Ellie this little trick or treat bag
And this for my kitchen!
Oh ya and this a few years back
I made this one last year cause it required three items: wood letters, paper and modpodg glue...done
Made these cuties for Ella and well she hates them. They "hurt legs mom" I think they itch her and plan on putting them on baby cause she wont be able to complain :)
Leggings are one thing I have mastered on the sewing machine.
1. Take some womens socks
2. cut these parts off
3. re-attach middle sock part here
4. sew it on up
5. and baby leggings done
In my nesting craze I have been getting Ella's room more organized and wanted to label her toy baskets because i just simply like to label EVERYTHING.
Simple and easy brain power required
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  1. You're so close! I can't wait to see the little one. I can't remember, do you already have a name for her? I LOVE the candy corns, I may have to do that.

  2. I want to steal the candy corn idea! I love easy crafts, especially because I don't even OWN a sewing machine. I need all the fall craft ideas I can get.

  3. Wow. Craft overload! You get so much done in so little time! I love all of them and all of your ideas! And the organizing... so you!