Tuesday, August 16, 2011

24 weekaroos

9:48 pee
9:50 get into bed
10:00 regret not having one last little snack before bed
10:20 still thinking about food....taco bell is sounding yummy
10:40 pee
10:55 sneak off to the kitchen for some crackers to get me through the night
11:00 pee
11:20 finally begin falling asleep
11:30 Baby girl begins her ever so impressive gymnastic routine using my bladder as her tramp.
11:35 pee

I feel great most of the time, lots of energy, Ella kicks my belly many times a day, feel like I should have two babies in there if i'm already this big, the only time in Ella's life I have been grateful she is the size of a mouse so I don't have to strain to much carrying her around.
24 weeks pregnant
One of the cutest little squirts I have seen
Ella saying "no papa" when she was done taking pictures and ready to swim!!! She has been quite a sour patch kid lately. Terrible twos are coming fast. Very whinny and sassy to mom but oh so loving and sweet to dad.

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  1. I feel you pain. At least the thing with the little sassy sauce two year old, and her being oh so loving to daddy.