Saturday, July 23, 2011

Two Little Ladies

I Still can't believe I will be the mother of two little ladies soon!
I really wanted another girl because sisters are the best to have around. I should know I have 6 of them and they are all so different.
(all but two....and I'm 9 months pregnant so give me a break!!)

When I had Ella I thought for sure she would be a tomboy like i was growing up.....I guess there is still hope for that????

I never thought I would have a little girl that would have to get all dressed up while I wait by the door yelling.."were just going to the mailbox Ellie"
Or.."were just playing on the porch"

I love her girly personality so much and am so curious to see if both girls are similar or very, very different. I hope they have something in common at least. I guess they will both eventually have lots of PMS
(dad looks forward to this the most)

Ella will be an amazing big sister and is getting lots of practice each day!!

Even in Kmart

But she will always be my little baby no matter how many I have.

(3 months)
(17 months)
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  1. I love little girly Ella!! It will be so fun to see what baby girl #2 is like.