Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Mama

Today is my mom's Birthday!
She is a wonderful lady and has done many wonderful things in her life. Raising 9 children is a difficult task but she always gave us what we needed and provided a wonderful childhood for us all! Vacations, birthdays and the most amazing Christmases ever!!!

She is a loving Grandma and spoiles Ella rotten! I wish we lived closer so both her Grandmas could kiss her sweet face all the time.

When I became a Mother I gained a whole new outlook on mothers. The love they have for their children is unbreakable. I think and worry about Ella so much in the day and I can't imagine doing that times 9 babies. When I roll on the ground with Ellie and sing sweet songs to her softly before she falls asleep, or read her 101 books during the day, I feel comfort because I know that my mother did that for me and for all of my siblings. She held us all close and kissed our faces like I do with my baby and it is sweet to think I was cared for like that too. And she cared for other womens babies that were not her own and once kissed their sweet faces and read them stories and sang them sweet songs before bed. Some women want to be mothers from the time they are walking and that is how my mom is. She carried her babies around on her hip just like Ella does longing for the day when she could have real babies. When that day didn't come as planned she never thought twice and decided she would just adopt. She wanted to be a mother and would do what it takes to have children. She loved all her babies so so much and I know this because she remembers every little detail of every one of her children as they were babies and growing. I will always be my mom's baby and I will always see Ella as my sweet baby girl.

I hope to give my children an adventurous and extrodinary childhood like you gave us, I hope to have wrinkle free, beautiful skin like you do at your age and I hope to be able to love all children like you do and help those in need.

Happy Birthday Mom. We love you!

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  1. Hey Jos, I am just starting to teach again, and it's bringing back so many memories of Challenger and you! Hope things are going well in Florida!

  2. Jos, you are so sweet and thoughtful. Oh that we could all be like you. I love the things you said about Michele. I totally agree. I will always love her. Dad.