Friday, February 18, 2011


My all time most favoritest show is

It is so much fun to watch !
If you haven't seen it yet and enjoy antiques/treasure hunting/garage sales/hoarders/good times
then this is the show for you!

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz give new life to the old saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” They travel across the South digging through old barns, garages, and attics looking for lost antiques and treasures. They call it "Picking" and they go to the most interesting old , grouchy mens homes in the middle of nowhere. They buy stuff from them and then re-sell it. Last episode they bought an old freak show poster from the 1900 for $200 bucks and resold it that day for $5,000! Gotta love it.

After watching an entire season in just a few days I did some picken of my own.

While on a walk with Ella james, she spotted something buried in the bushes by our apartment.

We rescued it and saw it fitting for a little climber in need of a little boost!
It was really dirty and needed a good sanding
But after a few coats of red mahogany stain to match Ella's chocolate brown nursery, and a few coats of polycrylik for protection, she was looking good as new

It was so fun to find a little project in the bushes and clean up something for FREE!!

For now I will use it for a little seat

Of course she had to test out its strength and durability before she allowed it in her room

And when she grows a few more inches or feet she will have a little foot step for brushing her teeth in her little bathroom

I hope to make it to some garage sales and antique shops soon to find some more cheap projects!


  1. Way to go!! It turned out really cute.

  2. Why does this not surprise me? Way to go! I like it a lot!