Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pickers Part II

I got a chance to go picken in an Antique store in Fort Lauderdale this weekend with my shopping partner (AKA mother-in-law). It was amazing and there was so much I wanted. Everything was discounted and we talked the guy down quite a bit. Next time we will bring Wolf and Fritz (AKA James and Brian)

These are my Pickens

Ella's Nursery is done in old maps so I couldn't pass up on this beauty!

Oddly I love the look of old books so I got a few for 50 cents! The little tin cup is for ella to start learning how to drink from a cup. It is sooo old and as the name James carved into the side with a nail so I had to have it after I spotted that! I brought it home and scrubbed it and James said "you aren't really gonna let her drink from that are you???" I sure did and she got water EVERYWHERE!
Best railroad lantern EVER!!!!

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