Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear Reber Family

In seven days from now you will be seeing this........
Please try and act a little interested in these guys........

We aren't traveling all the way across the country and dropping major cash just to be ignored for a week. Please try and be considerate!

Ella has been loving all her books lately. She flips through each page very carefully. Always using her left hand to turn pages??? Maybe that will be the only thing she get from me. We can both be left handed while she continues to look and act exactly like her father. I finally separated all the board books from her other books so she stops eating the pages one by one. Now I can just let her go to town with her little book basket.


  1. My dear beautiful Ella Bella! I can't wait to see you in just SEVEN short days! I cannot wait to read books, skip rocks along the river, eat cotton candy as we ride the ferris wheel! Oh the good times we will have! I just can't wait! Before I forget, you can send the two models back to the agency for they will not be needed in Cal. Oh I forgot their names...oh well!

  2. Haha I know how you feel. My family did the same thing. I love the Santa suit did you stuff her belly?

  3. YES!YES!YES! 7 more days!! I can hardly wait to see Ella. And Joslyn. And you too James. xoxo

  4. Amie... I just stuffed one of her costco puppets the girls love so much into her suit at the last minute and it made me laugh.