Saturday, October 23, 2010


Actually just one little mouse. I have been finding many damaged goods around the house lately. and SOMEONE is to blame.....

So I put her away in her mouse house to stay the rest of the day!
(The little rodent even ate the zero button off my phone)
PS... Who was the genius who came up with this idea???????

When you have a husband who spills milk all over the counter with a regular milk jug what do you think happens when he gets a hold of one of these bad boys. They are impossible to pour and awkward to handle.


  1. You can always send the little mouse to my house. I have lots of things she could eat. And a cage where I can keep her. Plenty of guinea pig food and I promise to change the cage every week. Deal? And as far as the milk know it was designed by a man. Who has never met James. Love you James.