Saturday, October 9, 2010


So I had always heard about decoupadge but never really knew what it was. I tried it and it was so easy. I have been looking for the letter "E" to put in Ella's nursery to match her theme. I have looked in noumerous places when it finally dawned on me to just make it my self. I looked at a few online.

Then off to Michaels I went. I got the letter, scrapbook paper and glue for under $4.00 with my handy 40% off coupon. It took less then ten minutes to make and was quite fun. After a quick sanding I was finished.
Ella's nursery is all old antique maps and suitcase. lame for a baby but I love it sooooo she is stuck with it till she has an opinion of her own!

Wanted to do a Halloween one too! I am working on it today and will post pictures of it later.

P.S. MEG, you should do this to the letters you have on your mantle. The ones you used at your wedding. Craft your pants off for me :)


  1. Ha ha! As soon as I saw the letters I thought... hey I have those. Then as I was reading I thought... hey I could do that. Then I read the end of post and thought...oh crap now I really have to do that! I might copy you with using the antique maps. Joe loves those! Or whatelse should I do? My craftiness is that of a nimrod. LOVE YOU!

  2. Just go with Joe to a craft store (I can tell you where a good one in your neighborhood is) and pick out some scrapbook paper together that would go with your living room decor.

  3. really cute Joslyn. I wish I had one-tenth of your creativity.