Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The happenings

If you only look at the blog to see pictures of Ella then you should turn away now. This post is all about me, No BABY! Well.........maybe she will pop up somewhere. I have been so busy sense we moved here getting all the finances in order, cars registered, school paid for, books bought, all day at the DMV, boxes unpacked, baby on a new schedule, learning my way around, switching car insurances and so so so much more. I am finally at the point after two busy months where I can get caught up on other things, like decorating the house and caught up on my scrapbook. Fun stuff.

James' family had three old, beat up dressers that they gave us and I was very excited to fix them up for Ella's Nursery. I didn't realize how long the process would take with a baby out on the porch with me trying to lick the paint. So they are S L O W L Y getting done. Ella's Nursery is ALMOST done. I will post pictures soon.

Took all the knobs off and gave them a good sanding....

Here is the first one done, Ella's nursery is White and Dark Brown
I am working on the last one right now and they should be all put together by the weekend.
Ella doesn't need ALL those drawers so I gave her two and I took the other seven for my craft supplies and my years of cumulated teaching stuff.

I also pulled out Ella's scrapbook this week and got it all caught up. I packed it when she was three months old so I was very behind. She is eight months today so I had to do a page for every month I missed.

This project also took longer then I thought it would, due to a little monster under the table. She nibbled my toes and we sang songs while I cut out pictures.
here are a couple of pages from her scrapbook. There are already about 20 pages. I really need to stop taking pictures of her.

I also put together this handy little organized file of our life. It has all our school, medical, car, personal, church, bill information in it. I had paper all over the house with pin numbers and phone numbers and i didn't know what they belonged to. now everything is one place and i can take the whole thing with me when we go to the doctor or bank. I even keep my grocery list and coupons in the personal file. It has made life much easier!! Now I have more time to chase Ella around the house.


  1. Good job, lady! I love the new pic of Ella, so cute!

  2. Isn't moving fun?! You have done such a great job getting everything done and ready! Great job!