Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Seven Months Old

Ella is Seven months today. She is the easiest baby around! She takes great naps, sleeps 13 hours straight every night, eats anything I put in her mouth, never, ever, ever cries, smiles at everyone she meets and gives great loves. Ok enough bragging.

here are a few things she can do now:

#1: Helps with laundry every week
#2: Scoots like a caterpillar all over the house

#3: Uses her four big girl teeth to eat
#4: Swims under water and kicks in the pool
#5: Loves to be NAKED!
#6: Drools, Drools, Double Drools
#7: Says dada......working hourly on the pronunciation of Mama....she will get it

#8: Still never taken a bottle......I feed her five times a day

#9: Spits and kicks ALL DAY. She has a very funny personality like her Dad


  1. Every time I see that picture of her in the high chair I laugh. It sums up Ella perfectly. She is a perfect baby-just like her mom was at that age. She is really getting to be a lot of fun isn't she? Wish,Wish,Wish I lived closer.

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  3. Yes, there is definitely a fun stage to having a baby! How fun! (Had to delete the last post. Typo!)

  4. Hey it's Sheree Laney. Cute blog. Ps I love that hook thingy you repainted. Was it thrifted? Come garage saling with me on Saturday mornings :)