Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Little girl, BIG CHAIR

When I got pregnant I came across a beautiful work or art in Target. A wooden highchair. While most girls dream of cute clothes and lavish vacations, I dream of wooden highchairs. I love anything wooden and always wanted a sturdy highchair to last through all my children and even my grand babies one day. Something that goes with any decor. I'm not the biggest fan of plastic and hate how huge and distracting highchairs are now days. They come in bright rainbow colors with circus animals hanging from them. How can a child even focus on eating when their is African safari animals floating around their bum. So when I had Ella I knew what I wanted. Problem was they discontinued the color of wood I wanted and only sell dark wood now. Problem two..these suckers are like $150 big ones. So while exploring craigslist in Florida I cam across an ad that said "Eddie Bauer highchair in discontinued color" I acted fast and snatched up this beauty for $40 bucks.

Problem is I have a six month old that is still wearing size newborn clothes and doesn't fit in my cute highchair. Blast!! She eat like a big kid and is ready for the chair. So I stuck some blankets and pillows under her tush and called it a day. Today she ate mashed banana, homemade applesauce, corn on the cob, and steamed carrots and peas. No baby food for this little one. To plain. She loves texture and spits out baby food the second she realizes what it is. The tray goes in the dishwasher and when you detach it there is a cup holder and a snack try still their. I couldn't be happier with it. Almost cried driving home with it. Thank you craigslist!!


  1. That is an awesome find! What a great feeling... : )

  2. Awesome find! We used a cool old wooden high chair for Lillie that was her great grandfathers!

  3. love the high chair and the precious baby in it.