Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I had always envisioned feeding Elle solids for the first time. We were going to wait till she was six months old. We would prop her up, stick a a cute bib on her, gather the matching spoon and bowl and feed her plane old rice cereal with milk. We would smile and laugh and video tape as she spits food out of her mouth and nose

Well it didn't quite work out like that this week. Ever sense she has gotten her two bottom teeth she has been OBSESSED with food. She watches us eat, leaps for our food, screams at us to feed her just one morsel. We can't help it so we give in.

This week Ella has had......

gnawed on a corn on the cob
sucked on pizza crust
cream of wheat
orange push up pop
licks of vanilla ice cream

I sound like a bad parent but if you could only see her in action. Shes nuts!! We have to hide now when we eat. So I went out and got her plain old rice cereal today and she wasn't to thrilled about it. Not to cool after an orange push pop!

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  1. I'm so glad she loves different kinds of food. I hope she is always that way.Now that she is here and I have watched the way she shakes and gets so excited when food is around, you really had no choice but to feed her all those good foods.