Monday, June 21, 2010

I heart

Things I heart these days............

#1 My baby in a knit mini skirt
# 2 A wooden doll house for baby
Or tree house!

# 3 one of these little critters for baby
Custom Knitted Woolies - Teddy, Bunny, Lamb, Puppy, KittyBunny Rabbit, Hand knit/All natural/Eco Friendly/Heirloom Toy

#4 Anything Vintage

#5 my babies moccasins

#6 I heart laughing baby

#7 Cookies

#8 my handsome husband
(no picture needed)

#9 boots for baby

# 10 time with my sisters before I move across the country


  1. That was very sweet Joslyn. love you

  2. Cute! Those cookies look really good! I bet Aunt Abby would be able to make those bunnies, or something close to it.

  3. Aww Jos! That almost made me emotional. I said ALMOST! I am going to miss you so much but we will still talk everyday and spend as much time together as possible til you leave. I just might cry when you move... just might :(