Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ten Weeks Old

Today Elle is Ten weeks old and last night she did something AMAZING! I put her to bed at 9:00 like I do every night. Around 3am my body woke me up, needing to feed something, anything! I guess I am not use to going that long without holding baby or feeding baby. Those seem to be what i do best. I couldn't go back to sleep after sleeping 6 straight hours. I haven't done that in weeks......10 weeks to be exact. Needless to say once I heard frantic sucking of little fingers I couldn't leap to the cradle fast enough. I had missed her after 8 hours.....yes thats what I said. EIGHT long, quiet, peaceful hours. And the hours were accomplished in her cradle (not on my chest or nestled in my armpit... James). She ate and returned to her cradle for another 4 hours. I returned to bed with a big smile and felt about 6 ounces lighter. I'm sure all your babies reached 8 hours by week 6 or so but Ella is a special child who lacks sleeping skills.

Here is Elle after her 8 hours.......I think we'll keep her:)

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